Touchless But Careful


Shenzhen Zhipu Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology enterprise in the AIoT field. It is committed to creating a series of products such as sensorless intelligent human body sensing, life care, etc., which are widely used in home/community elderly care intelligent care, medical intelligent care, smart home appliances/home, vehicle mounted radar and other scenes.

Based on 15 years’ accumulation of edge sensing algorithm in the industry and 20 years’ system integration technology in the electronic consumption field, Zhipu Science and Technology devotes itself to creating a series of products such as Senseless Intelligent Human Sensing, Life Care, Vehicle Blind Zone Detection (BSD, We are committed to becoming the most knowledgeable care and management product of human health.

Zhipu Technology has a research and development team of data analysis, algorithm design and system integration led by professors and doctors. There are 21 research and development personnel in total. More than 71% of them have a graduate degree or above. It has made technological breakthroughs in many fields such as edge sensing algorithms, data analysis and mining, embedded software and hardware design and artificial intelligence, and has obtained/applied for more than 50 technical patents in related fields.

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