mmWave Technology


Limitations of existing technology

This is a set of intelligent nursing instrument with respiratory and heartbeat detection as the core. It has the advantages of all day long,all-weather, privacy protection and so on.

The millimeter-wave non-inductive life care instrument is mounted on the wall at the head of the bed in the bedroom.It is based on cutting-edge radar technology .It can detect the statistics of heart rate, respiratory rate and sleep quality at rest.Children can view the real-time status of vital signs and sleep reports of the elderly anytime and anywhere through applet or app, intelligently warn the health status of the elderly, and provide health improvement suggestions.

Keep abreast of the elderly's home trends anytime and anywhere (Real-time monitoring)

The millimeter-wave senseless life care instrument in the bedroom and head of the bed of the elderly can monitor the status of the elderly at home online in real time, timely detect abnormal behaviors such as long time out of bed at night, no sleep at night and no activity during the day, and notify the family to avoid serious accidents.

When sudden symptoms of heart rate disorders occur, we can obtain alarm information through wechat mini program or APP in the first time, so as to timely contact the hospital and other relatives at home and reduce accidents in sleep.

Timely discover the health problems of the elderly (Sleep Reports)

Sleep is an important part of human normal life, accounting for one third of the time of life. Good sleep can ensure human health and daily activities. However, a large part of the elderly often have a series of problems, such as difficulty in falling asleep, poor sleep quality, waking up early and so on.

All studies have directly or indirectly proved that sleep disorders are harmful to all aspects of the elderly, so it is very important to monitor the sleep of the elderly.It is conducive to the timely detection of potential diseases, especially the elderly living alone and their children are not around. Monitoring and early warning are particularly important.Millimeter wave senseless life care instrument can effectively manage the sleep quality of the elderly by monitoring the sleep quality and duration in the whole process, providing quality scores and accurately quantifying sleep index parameters.

Children can monitor their parents’ sleep status through the millimeter-wave senseless life care instrument, while helping the elderly to improve their sleep quality and life quality from chronic diseases, personality and living habits, family relations and other aspects.

The sleep report of millimeter wave senseless life care instrument shows the proportion of sleep quality, sleep time, heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep duration, deep sleep, medium sleep, light sleep and awake. Regularly push sleep reports and generate daily reports, weekly reports and monthly reports, which are displayed in the form of graphs and monthly calendars respectively.It can track the changes of heart rate, respiration and sleep quality every day, every week and every month, analyze health risks, warn abnormal conditions, and take preventive measures.It can also comprehensively analyze the sleep cycle, heart rate, respiratory rate and body movement, locate the causes and provide targeted sleep suggestions.

Personalized abnormal alarm

Millimeter wave senseless life care instrument provides three abnormal alarm levels to meet the needs of different users in different occasions.

User-defined notifications to be pushed include: device online and offline notification, midnight out of bed timeout (more than half an hour away from bed), low sleep score, late sleep time, sleep duration, abnormal breathing, abnormal heart rate, etc.

Multi point deployment and centralized management
Millimeter wave senseless life care instrument is non-contact, privacy protection and radiation free. The monitoring process will not affect the user’s normal sleep. It can accurately distinguish the sleep heart rate, respiratory rate, body movement, out of bed and other data, and automatically analyze the user’s sleep efficiency. Accurate and reliable data, multi-point deployment, centralized management, etc.

Through the installation of millimeter wave senseless life care instrument in the elderly’s home, we can judge the activity state of the elderly at home. Through intelligent analysis, we can give early warning to different behaviors, effectively prevent the occurrence of safety accidents for the elderly, and give the elderly and their children a sense of security.

Building a comprehensive elderly care service system based on “home-based, community-based, institutional supplement and combination of medical care” is the guiding ideology to deal with China’s aging.We will use information technology to better serve the elderly who live alone, promote smart community elderly care, and create a safe and comfortable life for the elderly in their later years.