Radar Care

Radar Care

Detect Heart Rate Anytime


No wearable, no wearing discomfort, no radiation damage

Respiratory / Heart Rate / SleepTracker

No Video Shooting

Privacy Protection

24h Cloud Monitoring Care

In bed or bed-exit detection

Autonomous Detection of Activeness

Auto Warning Abnormalities

Acurate Data for Health Report

AI Clarktech

Wearable Device

The hassle of recharging. The feeling of discomfort.

Smart Hospital Bed

Heavy not detectable after bed-exit

Personalized Abnormalties Warning

3 warning level for customezed needs

Standard Mode

Long time absence notification (over 30min). Low score sleep report warning. online/offline notification.

No Disturb

No push message.


Online/Offline, long time absence notification, low score sleep report warning, late sleeping, sleeping spent time report, breath/heart rate abnormality.

Small Size Easy Install

Above headboard installation, angle adjustable, 360° health care.

Manage Multi-Device

WiFi+Bluetooth Connection

4G+Bluetooth Connection